Principal Investigator

Brian G. Amsden
Donald and Joan McGeachy Chair in Biomedical Engineering
BASc University of Waterloo (1988)
MASc University of Toronto (1991)
PhD Queen's University (1996)
FBSE 2016

Lab Manager

Post-Doctoral Fellows

PhD Candidates

Fateme Rezagholizade

Isaac Thevathasan
B. Eng. Biological Engineering, University of Guelph, 2020
Isaac is developing an aliphatic polycarbonate based pro-angiogenic peptide delivery system to treat critical limb ischemia. This work is being done in collaboration with Dr. David Hess, Department of Physiology and Pharmacology at Western University.
Nathan Holwell
BASc in Nanotechnology Engineering, University of Waterloo (2016)
Nathan is continuing further research of a degradable, biomimetic scaffold for anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) repair. The aim of the project is to create an ex vivo scaffold capable of simulating the unique mechanical and biological characteristics of the ACL. This project is part of our CONNECT! NSERC CREATE program. Although he discovered his passion for research early on in his undergraduate career, he also enjoys eating and cooking new foods as well as experimenting with brewing his own beer.
Sean Mathew
M.Tech. Chemical Engineering, M.Sc. Nano-biophysics
Institute for Biofunctional Polymer Materials
Leibniz-Institute of Polymer Research Dresden e.V.
Max Bergmann Center of Biomaterials Dresden
Sean is developing a novel scaffolding approach for tendon tissue engineering. This approach involves the utilization of an additive manufacturing technique called melt electrowriting. This project is part of our CONNECT! NSERC CREATE program in soft connective tissue engineering.

MASc Candidates

Yuan Pang
B.A.Sc. Chemical Engineering, Dalhousie University, 2021
Yuan is developing methods of chain extending functionalized aliphatic polycarbonates to improve their mechanical properties and exploring the impact of the polymer properties on peptide delivery.


Post-Doctoral Fellows

Kyla Sask
Gad Sabbatier
Roshni Rainbow
Mona Gamal-Eldin
Fraz Anjum
Jing Yan
Jian Yang
Juarez Endaldo Romero Bianco
Zhihan Zhou
Bo Qi
Laurianne Timbart
Elda Bravo-Grimaldo
Gauri Misra


Ronghui Qi (2023)
Hossein Riahinezhad (2023)
Fariba Mahdizadeh (2023)
Amanda Brissenden (2022)
Shadi Taghavi (2018)
Sara Mohajeri (2018)
Stuart Young (2017)
Julian Chesterman (2016)
Moira Vyner (2015)
James Hayami (2014)
Oladunni Babasola (2012)
Denver Surrao (2012)
Abby Sukarto (2011)
Rafi Chapanian (2009)
Frank Gu (2006)
Husam Younes (2002)
Arash Hatefi (2002)


Owen MacMillan (2023)
Ta Phung (2020)
Mitchell de Prinse (2020)
Fiona Serack (2017)
Bowen Yang (2016)
Dimitra Louka (2015)
Ming Gong (2015)
Andrew Carroll (2015)
Nick Hadjiev (2014)
Ginger Chen (2013)
Justin Lee (2012)
Hoi Ki Cheung (2011)
Laura Cornacchionne (2010)
Aaron McGregor (2009)
Bernadette Ilagan (2007)
Zhang Yu (2006)
James Hayami (2006)
Vivian Wang (2005)
Soroor Sharifpoor (2005)
Darryl Knight (2004)
Norma Turner (2004)
Susan Wang (2002)

Undergraduate: 4th Year Thesis

2024: Sydney Sollen 
2023: Gisele Beier, Yunchong Shen 
2022: Charlotte Cameron-Hamilton, Gillian Wun, Nolan Kerr-Dini, Alissa Arstad
2021: Sarah McManus, Jessica Shearer
2020: Christopher Rayner, Isabelle Mahaffy
2019: Allison Cranwill, Brianna Bradley, Emily Munn, Djalal Fakim
2018: Brooke Hall, Nick Wilson, Sheradon Doherty
2017: Brandon Zhao, Tiziana Brescacin, Mitchell de Prinse, Kathryn Corbett
2016: Andrea Whyte, Rachael Murre
2015: Beth McDonald, William Chaplin
2014: Fiona Serack, Anand Lakhani, Locke Davenport Huyer
2013: Laura Burchell, Ramona Neferu, Brittany McGregor, Daniel Marienescu
2012: Christine van Warmerdam, Emily Chan, Muriel Playle
2011: James Ewart, Meghan Rooney
2010: Emily Mattiussi, Nicholas Hadjiev, Marie-Claire Maes
2009: Kelsea Fitzpatrick, Stephanie Fisher, Andrew Woodward, Rossini Yue, Joe Steele, Claire Yu, John Wolozszyn
2008: Sara Richardson, Nikki Apostolakis, Sara Michalowicz, Kevin Marcotte, Sara Soubliere
2007: Alex Lau
2006: Derek Mcfadden, Meghan Marshall
2005: Kevin Williams, Genevieve Gavigan
2004: Daniel Toguri, Andrew Mikhail
2003: Laura Ritchie, Ahmad Kayssi, Allison Gillies, Laura Wells
2002: Justyna Bochanysz, Luke Devine, Aba Mortley, Kristin McLarty, Alyssa Tomkins
2001: Kevin Grotheer, Stephanie Bloom

Undergraduate: Summer Research Student

Quin Spence (2021)
Kathryn Jalink (2020)
Danielle Claskey, Djamal Fakim (2019)
Allison Cranwill, Courtney Norman, Ross Hennigar (2018)
Brandon Thomas, Sheridan Doherty, Kristina Faurschou, Amanda Mills (2017)
Stephen Maloney (2016)
Brandon Zhao (2016)
Natalie A. Smith (2015)
Amanda Brissenden (2014)
William Chaplin (2014)